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Mar 07 2010

(Long Overdue) PRAXIS Postmortem

So the PRAXIS really kind of sucked. I mean, it sucked in all the ways that spending four hours of a Saturday taking a standardized test sucks, but also I had a terrible time with the PLT. Mostly in ways that were my own fault, because I took WAY too long on the first few…

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Dec 20 2009

Science Reading and Giant Spiders

Of late, in preparation for having to teach science like I actually know something about it, I’ve been reading popular science books. Probably I should just sit down with a fifth grade textbook or a GED prep book, but this is SO much more fun and interesting. I’m currently working my way through Timothy Ferris’s…

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Nov 30 2009

Cyber Comments

So I admit, I’ve been feeling bit a bit lonely and unloved out here in cyberspace. And then I just now realized (ie stumbled onto the comment moderation page) that *I* have to approve all the comments — they don’t just magically appear. Who knew? So thanks for reading & commenting, everybody. Sorry it took…

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So I’m all signed up for the not-so-cheap PRAXIS II. It was $220, which hurt a little. Thank goodness I don’t have to take the PRAXIS I, too. (You don’t have to take it if your SAT and/or ACT scores are high enough, or if you have a Master’s degree. They are and I do.…

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Nov 17 2009


I’m historically pretty bad at keeping up with journals, diaries, blogs and such–anything that requires regular updating, really. But like a lot of people, I was obsessed with the TeachFor.Us blogs while I was undergoing TFA’s extensive application process. So in thanks for all the valuable info and entertaining reading material provided by others (as…

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