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Mar 26 2011

Cold calling totally works!

On Tuesday, as promised, I launched Teach Like a Champion Technique #22, Cold Calling, in my college class.   And it was awesome!  I didn’t do a very good job with my questioning technique, so things looked a little (well, a lot) sloppier than they do on the sample videos — but everyone was awake and alert and they swapped techniques for remembering tricky vocabulary words and we all had a good time.  And then we proceeded to have a rousing discussion of the day’s reading, which generated enough genuine interaction that one student emailed me a page of follow up thoughts a couple hours later.

But the best part — on Thursday they took a practice GRE and while we were waiting for IT to come open the door to the computer lab, I drilled a few vocab words from Tuesday’s class — and they absolutely KNEW them, 100%.  AND said that what we did in class on Tuesday was really helpful and could we do it again, a lot?

Yes. Yes, we can.

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  1. Anita M. Pratt

    I read that book during Christmas break ( I am a junior studying Elementary Ed.) I loved it!! Have you used other techniques described in the book and how did they work?

    • loulou

      I haven’t yet, but I’m for sure a believer now. Cold calling was my first foray, but there’s bunches of techniques that I think will be useful. I want to practice more with the cold calling, though, because I didn’t actually execute it all that well. (And who knows how great it could be if I did it right?!?!)

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